About Robby

Together, we can enhance our knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Are you seeking wisdom, trying to understand reality, questioning how to live? I am. I’ve spent decades doing so. By standing on the shoulders of prior thinkers, I often now see further, wider and/or deeper than others.

I am fallible, often wrong and frequently surprised. This delights me, as these are the occasions when I learn most. I’ve immensely enjoyed enhancing my understanding. But gains from reading books are diminishing. Rarely does a book profoundly influence the mental models through which I view the world.

Increasing the strength of an understanding normally enhances knowledge less than developing totally new insights. Diminishing returns applies to refining domain specific mental models, every bit as much as they do to refining production techniques.

It is time for another approach to developing new insights, it is time to supercharge the world’s ability to tell me when I am wrong. Hence this site. Let me know what, how and why my thoughts are wrong. I’ll amend them as appropriate and republish. Others can then point out the errors of our understanding and the cycle repeats.

By being wrong together, we can enhance our knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Let’s do it, let’s do it now.