How to Live

How do you even disentangle such a question? It encapsulates everything. Your mind, body, actions and interactions; both now and over your lifecycle.

Wiser minds than ours have wrestled with exactly this question. Some have founded philosophical schools, religions and political movements. Many have studied, learned and lived according to their example. Others have sought to do so. This site is for those still trying to figure it out.

There may be multiple possible answers to the question of how to live. They may be person, time and place specific. I do not know. But I do know how hard it can be to live your values, to do what you understand to be right. “Don’t worry”, “Don’t procrastinate”, “Be here now” are easier said than done.

For all I know, life may be about striving or accepting or both at different times. If so, can we figure out ways to help us know and do? Others have tried, most did not have the internet and none until now had this site. I do not know, you do not know, but together we may find out.

Helpful hints and ideas on how to live can be found through searching “how to live” on the site. I’ll put up ideas and amend them to reflect your insights. I will do so repeatedly, so we can learn and improve together.

Send me your insights and encourage your wiser friends to do so. I need your help and we need theirs if we to rapidly cycle through knowledge and understanding to wisdom.

Together we can unleash the power of the internet’s interconnectedness to move us from an age of abundant information to one of abundant wisdom. Do it now.